Building Repeaters from Kenwood Radios

Kenwood radios make great repeaters using them as a receiver, exciter, or both. Having built a few 900MHz repeaters it is my preference to use the TK-941 in repeater service as using the TK-931 is a waste of a good radio. The TK-941 being such a frustration to use in amateur mobile service really does a great job when put to repeater service.

There is no section on this website for building a repeater from a TK-981. The reason there is no section on this subject matter is that the TK-981 is way too nice of a radio to put into repeater service!

The TK-941, TK-931, and TK-431 repeater sections give a general outline of what is needed to get them to work in repeater service. I purposely did not go into great detail about everything "under the sun" in the "Repeaters!" section of this website because if someone is going to build a repeater they most likely know the fine details!