NX-411 General Information

The NX-411 is Kenwood's current production 900MHz handheld radio and simply put, is the bee's knees. There are many bell's and whistles with the NX-411. This radio is the best 900MHz handheld for use on the 900MHz amateur band- this was previously said about the TK-481 Version 2, but with the advent of the NX-411 that title is no longer appropriate!

The NX-411 handheld is a 2.5 Watt radio with 512 channels and 128 zones, and a maximum of 250 channels per zone. The radio will scan any channels programmed in a zone. This radio does analog conventional (a.k.a. narrowband FM) and digital NEXEDGE (a.k.a. NXDN)- which is a direct (and WAY better working) competitor to MOTOTRBO (a.k.a. DMR). NEXEDGE uses FDMA where as MOTOTRBO uses TDMA- they are quite different. NEXEDGE, in simple terms, is just another digital mode like P25, DMR, or D-Star.

The front panel has a 14 character alphanumeric display with 12 button DTMF keypad- the radio comes standard with DTMF! All keys on the NX-411 are programmable via KPG-111D or KPG-111DN (Version 3.00 or higher) software. The current version of KPG-111D or KPG-111DN is Version 5.21 which was released in June of 2017.

The antenna connector on the body of the NX-411 is a male SMA connector, the antenna connector itself being a female SMA.

Some of the "bee's knees" features of the NX-411: