Kenwood TK-931 Prototypes

Presented below are pictures of several prototype and very early production Kenwood TK-931's and TK-930 (800MHz) radios. These radios were in various stages of revision which can be seen by subtle changes that where made from model to model. It is very interesting to see what ideas Kenwood had in designing the 930 and 931. I thought that sharing images of these early radios would be interesting for others to see that have an interest in the 931.

Pictured is a TK-931, 15 Watt, with no serial number. Note the chassis is milled out of solid aluminum and is not a casting! You will also notice that the speaker wires for the front panel are run separately from the main harness, which is quite different! You can also see that the top and bottom covers are shiny plastic instead of the textured flat black panels of later TK-931’s.  







Pictured is a prototype TK-931HD, 30 Watt radio with no serial number. This unit for some reason was never completed, i.e. some components were never installed.






Pictured below is a TK-930 (800MHz), 15 Watt radio, but have a look at the PA module! Anyone that has seen the inside of the TK-930 will be wondering what the Mitsubishi PA is doing in there- my only guess is that Kenwood tried different things and decided that the MHW820-1 module was a better fit then the Mitsubishi!