Kenwood and 900MHz

This website was created in 2010 because I felt there was a need to have accurate, informative information on the several Kenwood radio models that cover 900MHz. This site will cover all topics relating to the 900MHz commercial line of Kenwood LMR for amateur use. It is my belief that the Kenwood LMR line of 900MHz radios are far superior to anything else on the market today.

Having gotten into 900MHz in early 2005 and finding that there was a plethora of info out there on Motorola but not too much on Kenwood I decided to do something to help the amateur community.....5 years later; so along came the 900MHz Kenwood pages.

The info presented on this site was compiled from my own personal experimentation with Kenwood 900MHz LMR radios as well as info that was passed along from Gene, W7UVH. Gene had accured 50+ years of radio know-how and had a wealth of knowledge with regard to Kenwood and radio in general. In March of 2012 Gene passed away and he will be greatly missed by many. He was a friend and a mentor to me, as well as others.

This website is not iPhone/iPad/Android friendly and is best viewed using a laptop/desktop. If viewed using mobile devices the menu bar to your left will not function as designed.

PLEASE NOTE: All information presented here was done with great effort to ensure that it is accurate and correct; however, since it was created by a human being it is subject to mistakes. Any modifications you perform to your radio that are presented on this site are done by you with full acceptance that if you make a mistake that it could cause damage to your radio. Therefore do not attempt to modify your radio if it is beyond your competency or skill level- i.e. you perform any modifications at your own risk!

PLEASE ALSO, ALSO NOTE: There will be no "/\/\otorola Speak" on this website, this is a Kenwood website, hence the following Motorola trademarked terms will not be found: