Kenwood TK-931 Accessories

There are many different accessories for the Kenwood TK-931 radios. All pictured below are manufactured by Kenwood and are available via the used market.

Kenwood TK-931 Remote Kit
The Kenwood TK-931 remote kit requires the KCT-10A OR the KCT-10B cable kit and the KRK-1 Remote Kit. The KCT-10A is a 6-meter long (20 Feet) extension cable and the KCT-10B is a 4-meter long (13 Feet) extension cable. The KRK-1 is required for either cable you choose to use.



931 remote




KMB-2c Desktop Mount
The KMB-2c is a desktop mount that encloses the TK-931, either the HD or 15 Watt units.




Not Pictured:

KSP-1A External Speaker
The KSP-1A is a non-amplified external speaker for use with the TK-931 Series.

KSP-2A Amplified External Speaker
The KSP-2A is a 10 Watt amplified external speaker for use with the TK-931 Series.