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The 900MHz of the Pacific Northwest (WA,OR, and ID) ALL are Welcome! PNW 902MHz Group

The 900MHz for Georgia Georgia 900MHz Group

The 900MHz for AZ Allstar Linked Repeater Group AZ Allstar 900MHz Group

AR902MHz on AR902MHz Group

900MHz on 900MHz Group

The Alinco DJ-G29T 220MHz/900MHz Radio on Alinco DJ-G29T Group


Manufacturers Websites
RF Parts Company- RF PA Modules
Advanced Receiver Research 900MHz Preamps
High Sierra Microwave 900MHz Preamps

The MOST Accurate Listings for 900MHz Amateur Repeaters
Repeater Book
Arizona 900MHz Repeaters
New England 900MHz Repeaters
Southern California Repeaters
New York City and vicinity 900MHz Repeaters
Eastern New York 900MHz Repeaters


FCC ID Search Page
Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work. The BEST site for 900MHz Part 15 Trash, enter the FCC ID for ANY RF device and find the test data, acceptance, pictures, manuals, etc.
FCC ID Search Page

N6EX Repeater Website (TK-931 Repeater How-To)
N6EX 900MHz Repeater Page

Kenwood Parts Suppliers- for all OEM Kenwood Parts
East Coast Transistor
Pacific Coast Parts